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igus® solutions for Offshore Drill Rigs

Moving energy supply systems that function under extreme conditions for Oil dirt, saltwater, vibrations, extreme temperatures, high levels of mechanical stress and the risk of explosion are the most frequently occurring problems that impair the performance of drilling equipment and other devices used for oil and gas extraction. In such surroundings, where downtime are costly, the energy chains from igus® offer the performance characteristics needed to ensure smooth and continuous operation.
Systems supplier for ready-to-connect complete systems 100% corrosion-free, seawater-resistant and tried-and-tested for heavy duty applications Offshore suitability based on many years of experience Longer service life, e.g. compared to service loops Weight-saving of up to 70% compared with steel chains Detectable components (smart plastics) for prediction of maintenance times Cables specially developed for e-chains® with corresponding certificates for the oil and gas industry

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Energy chains for cranes from igus®

Tried and tested in thousands of applications, reduce costs, increase the service lifeOur energy chains and flexible cables are in use in more than 10,000 port installations around the world and have proven their worth in real, harsh environments.
The fields of application include ship-to-shore cranes, bulk cargo handling cranes, RTGs, RMGs, Goliath cranes, spreaders, reach stackers, etc. e-chains® are a reliable and low-maintenance alternative to busbar systems, festoons and cable reels.

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Cables for movement chainflex®

The chainflex® cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, fail-safe with 36 month guarantee.
The chainflex® cables meet the requirements for EMC safety as well as the standards and guidelines such as UL, CSA, VDE, EAC, CTP, Interbus and Profibus.
Various jacket materials are available. The product range includes everything from control cables, servo cables, motor cables and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fibre optic cables. The chainflex® cables for energy chains work flawlessly over long periods even with many cycles, high speeds and accelerations as well as very extreme ambient conditions.

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Who we are

JISigus Middle East FZE is an exclusive Promoter for igus Gmbh (Germany), world’s most prominent manufacturer of innovative polymer engineering products for all kind of industries, starting from a small workshop to the most complex industry segments such as ...

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You can rely on the igus® quality Focus on the customer

igus® quality is confirmed In accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, whose implementation is regularly tested and certified, igus® has been operating a distinctive ...

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Test lab

igus® tribo-polymer research: friction, wear, mechatronics - tested in the igus® laboratory

  • Test lab for e-chains® and chainflex® cables.

  • igus® cold chamber

  • Test lab bearings

  • Outdoor tests

Save time and money on maintenance and installation of your energy chain systems

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